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 Slika QP-246D Japan softver za ergometrijum ,Exercise load software QP-246D


QP-246D Japan softver za ergometrijum ,Exercise load software QP-246D

Proizvod za Globalno trziste. NEJE ZA PRODAJU NA SRPSKOM TRZISTU.Samo za Globalno trziste..

Nije namenjeno Srpskom trzistu.Prava za Globalno trziste Gobal-Sound,Samo za Globalnu prodaju isporuka iz EU

Exercise load software QP-246D

By adding the program to ECG-2450 / 2460, the treadmill or ergometer and the sphygmomanometer 
can be controlled on-line and exercise tests using the electrocardiograph can be performed. Arrange the inspection buttons in the order of inspection. Intuitive operation from patient
information to report output is possible. To quickly detect changes in the ECG waveform during an exercise test, you can select a 12-lead
in-phase ECG display with good visibility, a 12-lead average waveform display with real-time
waveforms that are easy to understand, and a trend graph display.

You can change the screen layout as needed at any time during the exercise test.
    By converting the ECG analog signal from the subject into digital data in the input box and
then transferring it to the electrocardiograph body, it reduces the influence of external
noise and provides high-quality exercise ECG data.

“We’ve been able to handle sales in Asia, North America, and Europe, etc. by ourselves, but
we avoid the Middle East and Africa regions because we don’t understand the local business
customs and the import regulations, etc. are complicated.”
“We’ve received an order from a one-time deal for a shipment to a different region from the
usual destination. Also, given that the product we’re selling has special requirements, we’re
concerned about whether we’ll be able to find a reliable transport route.”
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