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 Slika DM-300 Aparat za pritisak na zivu sa digitalizacijom podataka mernja


DM-300 Aparat za pritisak na zivu sa digitalizacijom podataka mernja

DM-300 Aparat sa zivom i digitalnim ispisom merenje.

Multifunction-column blood pressure monitor with mercury-free columns and digital display. - Very reliable and accurate results. - Mercury-free LCD columns and numerical display. - Extra Fast inflation and variable bleed. - Operation: Auscultation or oscillometric measurement. - Test result: 50-250 mm Hg (systolic), 40-160 mm Hg (diastolic) - Cuff Pressure: 0-300mmHg, at 1 mmHg, auto Zero Setting. - Resolution: + / - 3 mm Hg precision - Power supply: 4.8 volts - Rechargeable battery with Ac. MADE IN JAPAN

INFORMATION for Global Customers

We’ve been able to handle sales in Asia, North America, and Europe, etc., but we avoid the
Middle East ,Serbia and Africa regions because we don’t understand the local business customs
and the import regulations, etc. are complicated.”
“We’ve received an order from a one-time deal for a shipment to a different region from the
usual destination. Also, given that the product we’re selling has special requirements, we’re
concerned about whether we’ll be able to find a reliable transport route from EU.


水銀血圧計の見やすさはそのままに、環境に配慮した血圧計です。 自動(オートモード)または聴診器を使用(マニュアルモード)しての測定も可能。測定結果はバーグラフとデジタルの両方で表示。確認も簡単。

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